SCIENION and Anteo partner to develop consumables for better functionality and longer shelf life of protein microarrays

SCIENION, a leading global provider of ultra-low volume precision liquid handling systems, and Australian biotech company Anteo Technologies today announced that they have partnered to co-develop protein microarray consumables using Anteo’s proprietary Mix&Go™ technology. Mix&Go activated surface consumables improve functionality and stability of biological molecules. 
Berlin, Germany, and Brisbane, Australia, July 24, 2015 : The project will combine the advantages of the Mix&Go technology with the capability of SCIENION’s precision spotting sciFLEXARRAYER technology, with the objective of delivering more accurate results and better, longer-lasting and more cost effective diagnostics. The first targeted products of the Anteo and SCIENION collaboration will be activated glass and polymer slides.
Josh Soldo, VP Scientific Affairs at Anteo explains: “With SCIENION, we have found a partner with deep expertise in surface functionalization and protein spotting, and one with excellent products. As a result of our partnership, scientists will soon have the tools that they need to overcome the present limitations of protein arrays, and increase the performance of their arrays, while reducing the sample size needed to get results.  In brief, we expect the partnership to yield more effective tests with better specificity.”
Holger Eickhoff, CEO of SCIENION, says: "As a very customer focused company, we always seek to expand the portfolio of solutions we can propose to help implement the various platform technologies that our customers bring to us. Anteo’s new coating technology will enable us to provide an even higher level of customer application support via unprecedented combinations of materials, surfaces and deposition technology. The perfect pairing of the right surface with the right dispensing is key to a successful application where a biological molecule is deposited to become attached to a surface. The expertise of both companies is very complementary, and together we will exploit the resulting synergies.”
Both SCIENION and Anteo will be in attendance at the AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo in Atlanta, GA, USA from July 26-30, 2015; .  Find us here: SCIENION at booth 4411, Anteo Technologies at booth 4564

About Anteo Technologies
Anteo Technologies is transforming the way scientists work by providing new, powerful tools developed with their patented Mix&Go™ Activation Reagent that significantly advances traditional assay development methods. Assays produced using Mix&Go can result in reduced development costs and improvements to medical devices and in-vitro diagnostic methods, leading to the earlier detection of disease.
SCIENION AG and its US subsidiary SCIENION US, Inc. provide systems and services for the contact-free printing of biological and chemical agents for diagnostics, pharmaceutics, veterinary, plant and food analytics and research. Addressing the dynamically increasing needs for miniaturization and multiplex analyses, SCIENION offers a unique technology portfolio that has been continuously expanded over one decade. SCIENION provides flexible solutions for research and development, wherein solutions for production purposes are customized. Systems and software are characterized by their versatility, precision and robustness. The company is a renowned specialist for ultra-low volume liquid handling, particularly for the handling of precious and sensitive compounds of biological or chemical origin. SCIENION’s dispensers allow for contact-free and precise drop spotting in the pico- to micro-liter range and are optimally suited for microarray based analytics – such as for tests with DNA, oligonucleotides, peptides, proteins, antibodies, glycans or for dispensing cells onto various substrates. The company operates from two sites in Germany, Dortmund and Berlin, and has a subsidiary in New Jersey, USA.

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