Cell-on-Chip for Drug Screening

Drug screening and siRNA transfection using a “DropChip” cell array


In order to perform information-rich high-throughput screening, a “DropChip” microarray has been developed for multiplexed cell-based assays.

With the arrayed cell culture nanoliter droplets, synergic effects of siRNA and cisplatin were analysed. With up to 100 cells per drop, cell behavior at the individual cell level could be analysed, using high resolution fluorescence microscopy and automated image analysis.

This novel cell array format could enable highly informative functional genomic studies and large scale in vitro toxicity testing.

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Multiplexed Toxicity Assays

The development of high-throughput and highly relevant in vitro toxicity assays can help to limit the extent of animal testing.

An in-vitro method for toxicity testing has been established, combining bioassay and morphometric endpoints.

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