Application notes

Written by scientists for scientists, these papers cover a wide range of applications and highlight novel ways to optimize one’s research with our devices, technologies and consumables.

Surface functionalization of Evonetix’s microchip platform for DNA synthesis

Making spatial transcriptomics accessible: Cost-effective manufacturing of DNA arrays using double-barcoded probes and the sciFLEXARRAYER S3 precision microdispenser

The next generation of LFA – Multiplexing on Unisart StructSure® membranes

sciPULSE ULTRA LOW VOLUME – Dispensing of small droplets in the range of 18 -180 pL

sciPULSE LOW VOLUME – Dispensing of small drop volumes in the range of 150 – 220 pL

Arraying of single cells for quantitative high throughput Laser Ablation ICP-TOF-MS

cellenONE® Unparalleled clonal recovery achieved in 96 and 1536 Microtiter Plates

Cell-line Development with Miltenyi TYTO sorting and cellenONE

Single Beads Dispensing Made Easy with PolyAn

CellenONE – For Cloning Applications with Dendritics

Performance evaluation for SCIENIONs sciDROP PICO and sciDROP NANO technology using the Artel dual-dye ratiometric photometry

Peptide microarrays for epitope mapping of antibodies against hTSHR

Rapid and multi-analyte diagnostic microarrays

Comprehensive comparison of protein microarray supports using contact and non-contact systems

A novel high performing Multiplex Immunoassay for the Serological Confirmation and Typing of HTLV Infections

Multiplexed ELISA of cardiovascular disease biomarkers in 96 well plate

Optimization of array – based diagnostic ELISA tests for the sensitive quantification of three inflammation markers

Versatile and Precise Nanoliter Dispensing for GENSPEED’s Multiplex Point of Care Testing System

Protein microarrays on unmodified polymer supports using sciPOLY3D

DNA microarrays on unmodified polymer supports using sciPOLY3D

Miniaturization and multiplexing of a lateral flow immunoassay for the detection of Rotavirus, Coronavirus, Escherichia coli F5 (K99) and Cryptosporidium in calf faeces

Development of a new and sensitive multi-analyte lateral flow immunoassay for the verification of three inflammation markers

RAPCARL: A rapid Carbohydrate Array Lateral Flow Test Technology for simultaneous detection of thirteen different species from S. pneumoniae, N. meningitides and H. influenzae

Carbohydrate Microarray for the Detection of Antibodies in Human Serum

Extracellular Vesicles (EV) Array for Detection of Disease-Related Biomarkers

Increasing speed while decreasing cost: PCR in nanoliter volumes

Production of High Quality Diagnostic Tests

Advanced applications with DNA microarray using sciPOLY3D

DNA and RNA applications on sciPOLY3D microarrays – Multiplex detection of RNA

DNA microarrays using sciPOLY3D – Comparison of sciCHIP COP and epoxy-functionalized supports

Immobilization and activity of bacteria for prokaryotic chips

HTS of protein-protein interactions in mammalian cells using transfected cell arrays

Drug screening and siRNA transfection using a “DropChip” cell array

Multiplexed toxicity assays in Nanodrops

Microwell Preparation and Multiplexed Cell Encapsulation and Culture

Quick and highly precise loading of biosensors