Single Cell Sequencing

Nano-well based single cell Whole Genome and Whole Transcriptome Sequencing

Researchers at the Genome Sciences Center in British Columbia (Canada) have developed an automatized method of sample preparation for DNA sequencing.

Using cellenONE technology, single cells are isolated in an open nano-well structure; the chip is populated with various reagents and cells allowing interaction between them. The system is based on scalling down standard library construction reactions by 1000x so the proportion of reagents and nucleic acids remains approximately the same at the single cell scale.

The efficient isolation of single cells is a decisive part to complete the full workflow for single cell whole genome sequencing with no pre-amplification and, separately, single cell whole transcriptome sequencing, each capable of processing up to 3000 cells per run.

Whole Genome Sequencing

“sciFLEXARRAYER enables the work we are doing: spotting about one nanoliter scale cells and a few nanoliters for various reagents and a few more nanoliters for tagmentation reaction. The sciFLEXARRAYER is spatially accurate, volumetrically accurate and is able to spot each cell, one after another, into the well. Without the sciFLEXARRAYER and cellenONE we wouldn´t be able to do this work!”

Dr. Robin Coope,
Instrumentation Group Leader at BC Cancer Genome Sciences Centre

Arraying of Single Cell from Liquid Biopsies

QuantumCyte has developed the Q1© platform, the first, high-throughput single-cell analysis platform to correlate gene expression with phenotypic data. One of the crucial components of the Q1© platform is cellenONE X1 which is used for isolation and arraying of single cell from liquid biopsies.

Combined with Array SeQ©, QuantumCyte’s Q1© provides high-efficiency transcriptome capture, low running costs and opens a range of new applications in systems biology, drug discovery, and predictive medicine. QuantumCyte recently presented some of their latest data at the Molecular Med Tri-Con 2018 conference in San Francisco.


An open array platform that simultaneously profiles genotype and phenotype of single cells