sciPULSE Pre-Set Software Packages for Standardized Dispensing

Enabling dispensing of ultra low or high volumes, high viscosity samples and buffer additives

sciPULSE - PULSE it easy

SCIENION’s sciPULSE is an easy plug-in hardware device to go beyond the standard parameters such as droplet volumes, spot diameter or viscosity of the currently available medium-sized PDCs.

It can be universally applied and integrated into all sciFLEXARRAYER instruments (S3, S12, SX, S100), using Piezo Dispense Technology. It comes with its own software executable and various pre-validated application packages for a broad range of standard applications but also challenging sample types. sciPULSE reduces time required for development and validation of protocols and leads to significantly lower costs.

Benefits of sciPULSE

  • Enables standard and special applications
  • Reduce significantly time, complexity & efforts for implementation of protocols
  • Integration-friendly into all sciFLEXARRAYER instruments
  • Significantly reduces the overall costs for the implementation
  • Allows assay design optimization

Available Software Packages

The sciPULSE device allows the implementation of sciPULSE Software Packages on all sciFLEXARRAYER platforms.

  • Low Volume (150-220 pL)
  • Ultra Low volume (down to 18 pL)
  • High viscosity
  • Buffer additives
  • High Volume (800-1300 pL)
  • 1 nL

Low Volume

The sciPULSE LOW VOLUME Software Package enables the reduction of droplet volumes to 150 -220 pL with SCIENION’s PDC 80.

  • Enables the reduction of droplet volumes to 150 -220 pL
  • Using only with SCIENION’s PDC 80 (Replacement of PDC50)
  • Enables the reduction of spot diameters
  • Significantly reduces the overall costs for the implementation


The sciPULSE ULTRA LOW VOLUME Smaller drop volumes and spot diameter allow for the increased number of spots on a certain area with regards to multiplex applications.

  • Enables the reduction of droplet volumes to 18 -180 pL
  • Usage standard PDCs 60, 70, 80 or 90
  • Reduction of spot diameters down to 24 µm on an optimized target surface

High Viscosity

Applying sciPULSE VISC01 enables the dispensing of highly viscous samples up to 25 mPa*s that cannot be printed using standard pulse parameters.

  • Enables stable printing of highly viscous samples like Glycerin or Ethylene
  • Stable printing process has been demonstrated by dispensing 10 X 20 arrays of viscous samples

Buffer Additives

sciPULSE Buffer Additives enables the dispensing of polymers, detergents and carbohydrates.

  • Enables stable printing of buffer additives like DMSO, PEG, Tween, Triton, Trehalose and Sucrose

High Volume

The sciPULSE HIGH VOLUME Software Package enables the dispensing of droplet volumes to 600-800 pL with SCIENION’s PDC 80.

  • Extends the sciDrop PICO standard droplet volumes to 600 -800 pL
  • Using only with SCIENION’s PDC 100
  • Requires Software Package, sciPULSE device and sciFLEXARRAYER dispenser

sciPULSE 1 nL

The sciPULSE 1nL Application Package, in combination with the sciPULSE hardware device and the sciFLEXARRAYER instrument, enables unique dispensing capabilities ranging from 1 up to 1.3 nL per drop.

  • Piezo-generated drop volumes calculated by standard drop camera
  • sciDROP PICO technology can be used for dispensing in the pL, nL and even µL range
  • Significantly less spots required per position for lower nL volumes

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