Current Projects

Research & Development

The Research and Development Unit offers complete and innovative solutions in the field of parallel bioanalysis by applying spot based analytical technologies utilizing the company know-how in the fields of microarrays, assays development, pico- and nanoliter handling, surface functionalization, array imaging and data analysis.

SCIENION is committed to R&D with the aim of working with our customers to develop innovative products.


Partnerships play an important role in our activities and we value establishing and maintaining strong relationships with our contacts within the scientific, academic and business communities. We are engaged in several joint research projects at national and international levels, some of them publicly funded.

Current Projects

Below are some of the current projects in which we are involved.

Cell Isolator

Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) Catching by capillaries in vivo


Integrated-optical detection of volatile organic compounds

EuroStar Food

Diagnostic methods to detect food pathogens


Screening of Autoimmune Diseases


Rapid detection of antibiotics in food


Optical microring sensor for analysis of electrolytes

Transplant Analytics

Detection of HLA Antibodies using Membranes