NEWS October 2019

In the past months, very exciting results have been achieved with our sciFLEXARRAYER and cellenONE technologies in Diagnostics, Sequencing, Cloning and Proteomics.

Together with Aalborg University Hospital, we present a novel approach for detection of disease-related biomarkers: extracellular vesicles array.

Unparalleled clonal outgrowth achieved in 96, 384 and 1536 Microtiter Plates with cellenONE; in addition to saving time, one can save on consumables and expensive reagents while ensuring documentation and monoclonality of all isolated cells.

Available in our youtube channel webinar on “Optimising circulating tumour cells isolation for scRNA-Seq analyses”

A recent study published together with BAM Institute in Germany has revealed a very promising approach in proteomics: “Arraying of single cells for quantitative high throughput Laser Ablation ICP-TOF-MS”.

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