Scienion Launches Microfluidic sciSWIFTER – Joint Commercialization with Matrical Bioscience

Scienion AG and Matrical bioscience recently announced the launch of the sciSWIFTER™, a new dispensing device developed for high precision dispensing in 96, 384, and 1536 microplates. The sciSWIFTER will be jointly commercialized by Scienion AG and Matrical Bioscience, both leading suppliers in the life science market.

Dortmund, Germany and Spokane, WA, USA, January 12, 2009: The sciSWIFTER, a time and reagent saving drop on demand dispenser, can dispense up to 16 different substances in parallel into various multi well plate formats. Dispense range is 100 pl – 100µl with dead volumes close to zero. Each nozzle has online-drop-control and optical volume determination.

The sciSWIFTER can operate as a stand-alone device and includes integrated touch-screen controls, robotics shuttle, and external software API for integration into automated robotics platforms, including AutoMAP recently launched by Matrical Bioscience. The sciSWIFTER allows for quick and easy change of setup for different assays and minimizes cross contamination. The requirement for intermediate dilution plates is eliminated by the dynamic range of volumes dispensed (6 orders of magnitude).

Disposable pen technology (sciSWIFT) enables preparation, storage, sonication, and dispensing of precious reagents in one integrated device. Substances can be stored directly in the sciSWIFT dispensing pen which serves as a closed container, eliminating heat seals and ensuring sample integrity. Preferential applications include dispensing of assay reagents, miniaturization of assays and the dispensing of initial screening as well as of dose/response experiments from an identical container. RFID tags for each dispensing pen ensure traceability of precious reagents during storage, retrieval and dispensing. With sciSWIFT – primary and secondary assays and dose response tests are made from the identical sample/dilution with CV’s of 2%.

“The sciSWIFTER was developed to improve and simplify automated liquid handling for standard applications in drug discovery environments and as a special feature it enables the precise dispensing of liquid volumes in the range from pico- to microliters in a single device”, says Dr. Holger Eickhoff, CEO of Scienion AG. “We are very pleased about our partnership with Matrical as a leading supplier for the drug discovery market with complementary products in sample management and cell culture.” Dan Roark, founder and CEO of Matrical, commented that “Scienion has commercialized the drop on demand technology over the past 5 years for clinical applications and pharmaceutical customers will benefit from this unique dispensing and storage technology. The sciSWIFTER is a perfect tool to enlarge our product portfolio and we look forward to working with Scienion.”

About Scienion AG
SCIENION AG is a life science company well positioned in the markets of ultra low volume liquid handling systems and microarray technologies. We provide our customers with an integrated product portfolio facilitating and improving multiparallel bioanalytics, high throughput screening and high throughput production of microarrays in the genomics and proteomics fields – from early research to manufacturing. Our approach is to provide our customers in pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic and reagents companies as well as in academic research institutions with high quality products serving as cost- and time-saving tools for their applications.
Based on Scienion’s expertise and proprietary platform technologies our product portfolio comprises hardware, consumables and services. Our products are protected by a broad patent portfolio.
Scienion’s leading product line are sciFLEXARRAYER dispensing systems, available in a product line of six size versions DW, S3, S5, S11, SX and S100. The ultra low volume liquid handling systems allow non-contact micro drop delivery in the picoliter to microliter range onto a variety of vessels, surfaces and carriers.
Founded in 2000 in Berlin as a spin-off of the Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics, the company today operates from two sites, Dortmund and Berlin.

About Matrical Bioscience
Matrical Bioscience is a worldwide manufacturer of products for life science research based in Spokane, Washington. The company was incorporated in early 2000 with an emphasis in drug discovery, academia, genomics and proteomics. Matrical develops, manufactures, and distributes products that accelerate drug discovery. Our products include, but are not limited to, automated cell culture systems (MACCS), automated storage platforms (MiniStore), a high throughput sonication device (SonicMan), and a universal microplate washer (SQUIRT). Matrical also offers consumable microwell plates in 96, 384, and 1536 formats and proprietary MatriTube technology for chemical and biological sample storage. Matrical is also interested in licensing technologies developed by scientists in the pharmaceutical industry.

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