SCIENION and Axxin jointly collaborate on an instrument reader system for multiplexed lateral flow microarrays

SCIENION AG, a leading provider of ultra-low volume precision liquid handling systems, and Axxin Pty Ltd., a leader in commercializing diagnostic instrument systems, today announced that they have partnered to collaborate on an instrument reader system for the analysis of multiplexed microarrays on lateral flow immunoassay strips.
Berlin, Germany, and Fairfield, Australia, September 15, 2015: Lateral flow immunoassays represent popular point of care diagnostics, as they are easy to use, cost-effective and produce rapid results. Both companies, SCIENION and Axxin, take an active part in this market segment and contribute with its technologies towards state-of-the-art products and services for its customers. Joining forces in this field brings together SCIENION’s picoliter dispensing technology and Axxin’s proven track record in commercializing diagnostic instrument systems for point of care diagnostics. The first joint project will be the development of a colorimetric reader system for multiplexed lateral flow microarrays for point of care and R&D applications. Multiplexed lateral flow assays can benefit from a dedicated detection device that provides optimal and quantitative analysis of results that eye-only interpretation could not match.
A series of early field tests with selected beta customers has already been initiated and shows very promising results. Initial applications focus on lateral flow microarrays with the capability of analyzing up to 20 parameters for infectious diseases, drugs of abuse, and allergies.
Holger Eickhoff, CEO of SCIENION, says: “Axxin is a well-known provider of reader platforms and diagnostic products for lateral flow applications. When we met first earlier this year, we immediately anticipated the benefits of a collaboration to generate added value for our customers. Combining our expertise and technologies means leveraging integrated solutions from two ends. Multiplexing is a vital topic in lateral flow point of care diagnostics and I am convinced that our collaboration will result in breakthrough products in an otherwise mature market.”
Axxin CEO Andrew Lysikatos says: “Strategic alliances and collaborations are an important part of Axxin’s overall strategy. Axxin is seeking commercial partnerships with leading companies to develop and provide world class low cost point of care platforms to address unmet needs. With SCIENION we found a perfect partner for the production of multiplexed lateral flow assays, as the capabilities of the sciFLEXARRAYER dispensing technology allow for miniaturization, multiplexing and precise spotting of dots and lines in any patterns favored.”
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About Axxin
Axxin Pty Ltd. was founded in 2007 as a biomedical design and development company focused on product design using leading edge processor and interface technology. Axxin provides platforms and diagnostic products for biomedical applications that bridge the gap from research to market with world leading innovation, capability and cost effectiveness.
The company’s goal is to take the cost and complexity out of point of care diagnostics and near patient applications. The company has extensive experience in instrument design, industrial design, sensor technologies and has applied these to molecular and lateral flow applications.
Axxin has established itself as an early leader in commercializing diagnostic delivery systems in partnership with leading biomedical and pharmaceutical companies. The company’s products are used worldwide in research and development and diagnostic applications.
Headquartered in Fairfield, VIC, Australia, the company has offices in San Diego, CA, USA and London, UK.
SCIENION AG and its US subsidiary SCIENION US, Inc. provide systems and services for the contact-free printing of biological and chemical agents for diagnostics, pharmaceutics, veterinary, plant and food analytics and research. Addressing the dynamically increasing needs for miniaturization and multiplex analyses, SCIENION offers a unique technology portfolio that has been continuously expanded over one decade. SCIENION provides flexible solutions for research and development, wherein solutions for production purposes are customized. Systems and software are characterized by their versatility, precision and robustness. The company is a renowned specialist for ultra-low volume liquid handling, particularly for the handling of precious and sensitive compounds of biological or chemical origin. SCIENION’s dispensers allow for contact-free and precise drop spotting in the pico- to micro-liter range and are optimally suited for microarray based analytics – such as for tests with DNA, oligonucleotides, peptides, proteins, antibodies, glycans or for dispensing cells onto various substrates. The company operates from two sites in Germany, Dortmund and Berlin, and has a subsidiary in New Jersey, USA.

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