NEWS January 2020

We present our last innovations at SLAS2020 in San Diego.

In 2019 dozens of publications appeared, where SCIENION Scientists or SCIENION Technology played a crucial role. For us it is very rewarding to see that our abilities in precision liquid handling and gentle handling of biomolecules for Glycan and Carbohyrate Analysis enabled SCIENION users to publish excellent results in Nature Communications and the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

With those projects advancing, they will give great input in Immunology Research and Autoimmune Diagnostics.

In the field of cell line development, Cellenion demonstrated how cellenONE could replace tedious and error prone limiting dilution methods, by confirming exceptional single cell cloning accuracy and outstanding clonal outgrowth (>90%) across a range of standard consumables (96, 384 and 1536 microtiter plates). Over the summer, an article was published by our collaborators at BAM (Berlin, Germany) to demonstrate how our single cell technology could be combined with Mass Spectrometry for highly sensitive and quantitative proteomic and metallome analyses at the single cell level. In November, a very impressive study was published by the groups of Professors Sam Aparicio, Sohrab P. Shah and Carl Hansen from UBC and BC CRC (Vancouver, Canada) in the eminent journal Cell. They developed DLP+, a nanolibrary based method for single whole genome sequencing, that provides high quality data permitting SNP, copy number, clonal replication states and rare aneuploidy patterns to be measured simultaneously at the single cell level in 1000’s of cells. 

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