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cellenONE X1

cellenONE® X1 is our first single cell isolation and dispensing platform. It offers a fully automated and integrated system with high speed and precision robotics.

High definition optics allow visualization of a range of cells and particles while automated image processing provides new insight and a mean of quality control.

Such a system is the ideal partner for a range of applications from single cell isolation prior to sequencing to cloning for cell line development.




cellenONE is a product developped by cellenion.

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Providing low volume and high accuracy single cell isolation and dispensing, cellenONE® is an ideal technology to isolate a wide variety of single cell prior to library generation and sequencing.

  • Unique Features

    Open platform Choose your substrate (96, 384, 1536wp or microwells)
    Versatile Suitable for a range of sequencing methods
    Adaptable Isolate cells, nuclei (from FF or FFPE tissues), microbeads
    Optional Use a second dispensing channel for nanoliter dispensing of reagents (barcodes, lysis buffers…)



Isolating Prostate Cancer Cells



Second Channel for Nanoliter Dispensing

Dispensing of reagents (barcodes, lysis buffers, RT mix…) with the same device

Live Follow up of Single Cells

Each drop can contain no cell, one cell or multiple cells

Providing very gentle isolation and high accuracy, cellenONE® is an ideal technology to develop monoclonal cell lines.

  • Unique Features

    Gentle Acoustic technology ensures outstanding cell viability
    Efficient Only single cell are dispensed, cell line development time can be slashed by several weeks
    Sterile For fully sterile processing now comes integrated into BSC environment

cellenONE X1 can also be integrated into a biosafety cabinet (BSC) to ensure an appropriate biosafety level.