Immobilization and activity of bacteria for prokaryotic chips

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The next generation of LFA – Multiplexing on Unisart StructSure® membranes

sciPULSE ULTRA LOW VOLUME – Dispensing of small droplets in the range of 18 -180 pL

sciPULSE LOW VOLUME – Dispensing of small drop volumes in the range of 150 – 220 pL

Arraying of single cells for quantitative high throughput Laser Ablation ICP-TOF-MS

cellenONE® Unparalleled clonal recovery achieved in 96 and 1536 Microtiter Plates

Cell-line Development with Miltenyi TYTO sorting and cellenONE

Single Beads Dispensing Made Easy with PolyAn

CellenONE – For Cloning Applications with Dendritics

Performance evaluation for SCIENIONs sciDROP PICO and sciDROP NANO technology using the Artel dual-dye ratiometric photometry