sciDROP NANO - high precision dispensing of nano- to microliters

The heart of the new sciDROP NANO technology is an electromagnetic micro valve with an extremely fast response time, creating a jet of controlled dispensed volume and accurate positioning.

A unique feature allows for both bulk dispensing from 1, 5, 10 and 50 ml vials, as well as an aspirate/dispense mode fully controlled by our proprietary software.

Thanks to its versatile dispensing capabilities, sciDROP NANO is geared towards applications:

  • where volumes to be dispensed range between 25nL to 250nL and
  • where lines have to be precisely deposited onto nitrocellulose sheets, lateral flow membranes, dipsticks or other materials.

sciDROP NANO can be implemented in all of our sciFLEXARRAYERs, from R&D to manufacturing environments.



Technical information sciDROP NANO

Drop volume 25-250 nl
Nano Dispensing Capillaries Borosilicate glass
Surface Tension 28 mN/m
Viscosity rate up to 22 mPa.s
Dispense precision <5% CV
Positioning accuracy +/-100 µm
  • Options & Software

    • Adapters to enable aspiration from different vials or plates
    • Up to 4 dispensing channels
    • Combined with maximum 4 sciDROP PICO channels

  • Benefits of sciDROP NANO

    • Accurate dispensing of nano- to microliter volumes for producing arrays and lines
    • Long term dispensing stability
    • Bulk and aspirate/dispense modes
    • Enables the dispensing of viscous samples (up to 22 mPa/s) and with low surface tension (28 mN/m)
    • From R&D to manufacturing environments: all sciFLEXARRAYERs
    • Versatile dispense volumes: from picoliters to nanoliters