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cellenONE® is a revolutionary technology based on optimized sciDROP PICO dispenser coupled with advanced visual processing solutions that provides real-time and high accuracy single cell isolation and dispensing.

Using gentle acoustic waves for droplet generation, cellenONE® preserves outstanding cell viability for all cloning applications and maintains protein expressions for sequencing applications.

cellenONE® provides also new frontiers in sample preparation prior to single cell analysis. Indeed, working in aspirate/dispense mode allows high recovery processing of a wide range of samples, from minute cell suspensions containing just a couple of microliters and a few dozen cells to much larger samples containing thousands of cells.

Meanwhile, high resolution optics allows processing of a wide range of particles (including smaller than < 5µm), from bacteria to nuclei to microbeads to large mammalian cells, cellenONE® provides a versatile technology for a variety of applications.

  • Benefits of cellenONE

    • High accuracy single cell isolation and dispensing
    • Outstanding cell viabilities
    • A wide range of particle sizes
    • Ideal for rare cell samples (zero dead volume and high recovery)
    • High throughput isolation of hundreds of cells in few minutes

Advanced software

cellenONE® X1 only dispenses single-cell containing drops into the microplate.

All remaining drops will be dispensed into a recovery tube, resulting in no sample wastage.

Live view of what is in your sample


cellenONE is a product developped by cellenion.

For more information, visit the official cellenion website:



Discover how cellenONE® technology isolates single cells in seconds

Visual Feedback and Software Mapping to Ensure Single Cell Isolation


A mapping report is automatically generated, it contains:

  • Evaluation of ejection zone boundary
  • Detected cell diameter, elongation and circularity
  • Average cell concentration

  • Hardware & Software Options

    • Temperature, humidity and dew point control
    • Customized holders for microwell chips
    • Fiducial recognition and automated target alignment
    • Available consumables for calibration, sterilization, and recovery
  • Technical Information

    Droplet generation Acoustic wave
    No. of Channels Up to 2
    Dead volume Down to 0µL
    Droplet volumes From 50 to 800pL
    Dispenser materials Borosilicate glass
    Cell Imaging HD camera for detection of cells and particles smaller than < 5µm
    Isolation Speed One plate (96 single cells) in 4 min
    Isolation Capacity Up to 2 MTPs (180x120 mm)
    Dimensions 1300x700x1590 mm
    Weight 205kg
  • Proven Isolation Results

    Particle size From 2 to 70µm
    Single cell accuracy Up to 100%
    Single cell viability Up to 100%