Full Test Development Service - from idea to product

SCIENION offers innovative, complete and flexible solutions for assay development and optimization for diagnostics and Life Science research. Our experts specialize in all aspects of successful assay production. The combination of surface functionalization, printing, immobilization, optimization of incubation protocols, detection and data analysis results in high performance multiplex assays that you can rely on.

Partnerships between our scientists and clients facilitate the creation of RUO or IVD tests that meet your needs exactly. The development service is modular and one can choose between different collaboration models. Design of a multiplex test for your needs, starting from scratch or with existing single assays is possible, as well as the transfer of already existing multiplex assays to the SCIENION platform.

Our validated technology and complete liquid handling portfolio, in combination with our scientific knowledge and experience, fulfill your specific needs for high-quality and high performance tests and systems.

Your Input

  • Content: nucleic acids, proteins, peptides and antibodies,
    glycans, glycolipids and glycopeptides, cells, cell lysates,
    nanoparticles, polymers and monomers
  • Support: micro- and nanoliter plates, glass and polymer slides,
    membranes, biosensors, microfluidic cards, metal plates (Maldi)
  • Performance specification and type of detection

Assay Development & Multiplexing

  • Development of incubation protocols for DNA and antibody/antigen based analyte detection
  • Multiplexing of assays using planar array format in microplates
  • Protein arrays, reverse phase protein arrays and micro-spot ELISAs on NC membranes
  • Optimization for highest specificity (cross reactivity), sensitivity (limit of detection), reproducibility
  • Performance of validation studies

Surface Functionalization

  • 2D and 3D functional surfaces (e.g. carboxyl, amino, epoxy) for immobilization of biomolecules
  • Functionalization of various materials as glass, silicon, gold, polymers and membranes
  • Protein resistant surfaces
  • Tailor-made surface design

Printing & Immobilization

  • Protocols for optimal spot morphologies and immobilization efficiencies
  • 100% quality control of batch by post-spotting array imaging
  • Electronic documentation of printing process
  • Loading of substrates with 3D structures (e.g. biosensors and lab-on-a-chip systems)

Detection & Data Analysis

  • Application of colorimetric and fluorescent detection
  • Transfer of fluorescent to colorimetric detection
  • User-friendly software and customization of data analysis and reporting formats

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