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We understand your application

Once our customers are up and running with our instruments, many want to maximize their return on investment by making their production processes as efficient as possible.  

Possibilities are unlimited: starting from application support, and including customized hardware and software solutions adapted to your specific needs.


Customized Hardware and Software Solutions


  • Increase the number of channels to reduce run times
  • Design a new target holder
  • Exchange the head camera or lens to improve QC images or target recognition
  • Make changes to the software to better reflect your production processes
  • Modify the printing flow/target to allow roll-to-roll high throughput manfacturing
  • Integrate a UV curing next to the printing head

Together with our partner JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, we developped a customized high throughput roll-to-roll nanoimprinting solution, as part of the project R2R Biofluidics.

Custom Target Holder

We design upon request a customised target for specific targets like biosensors, MTPs, non-laminated membranes, etc.


Customized target holder to host nitrocellulose round membranes

UV Irradiation Package

With 365 nm standard wavelength adjustable and programmable irradiation (intensity and time) and compact dimensions, the UV package is ideally suited for applications that include a sequence of probe printing and UV crosslinking.

Easy operation at the press of a button or by using a footswitch.

The package includes also an UV Meter measuring the radiation intensity and dosage.

Specific replaceable lenses for the LED source to adjust focus of UV light onto the targets are available at request. LEDs with different wavelengths as 385, 395, 405 and 445 nm are also available on request.


UV curing device installed at the printing head

UV-LED light source mounted on the side of the dispense head with positioning steerable by software.

sciFLEXARRAYER S12 Opening Door


To allow even more flexibility, sciFLEXARRAYER S12 comes with two door options:

  •     Sliding door helping to minimize environmental changes inside of the enclosure or
  •     Swing doors for all laboratories with limited spaces for easy access to the printing space

Check them out and decide what's best for you.