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Assay Development Services

SCIENION offers innovative, complete and flexible solutions for multiplex assay development and optimization for any application in Diagnostics and Life Sciences.

Customers can rely on our longstanding in-depth experience in all aspects of successful multiplex assay development, covering the whole range from surface functionalization, printing and immobilization, optimization of incubation protocols, detection and data analysis.

Due to our unique sciFLEXARRAYER technology – the best choice for precise ultra-low volume liquid dispensing – customers benefit from developed cost-saving miniaturized assays. We also offer the transfer of already existing assays to the SCIENION platform – including multiplexing and miniaturization.



  • Design of capture molecules, printing supports & biochips

    • Choice or optimization of capture molecules
    • Choice of best support material according to the requested array format, detection methods and manufacturing costs
    • Specifications of material parameters as surface roughness and planarity
  • Surface functionalization

    • Functionalization of various materials such as glass, silicon, gold, polymers and membranes
    • 2D and 3D functionalized surfaces (e.g. carboxyl, aldehyde, amino, epoxy and hydrogel) for immobilization of biomolecules
    • Tailor-made surface design by applying self assembling monolayer (SAM) and photografting technologies
  • Printing and immobilization of capture probes

    • Printing by applying non-contact printing sciFLEXARRAYER technology
    • Printing of dilution series of capture probes as oligonucleotides, antibodies, proteins, peptides and glycan in various printing buffers
    • Printing on support materials with 3D structure as biosensors and microfluidic chips
    • Development of print protocols for optimal spot morphologies and immobilization efficiencies
    • 100% quality control by post-spotting imaging and analysis of printed arrays

  • Assay development of DNA assays

    • Selection and screening of oligonucleotide probes
    • Isolation, purification and fluorescence labeling of target DNA
    • Development and optimization of hybridization protocols
  • Assay development of protein assays

    • Development of incubation protocols for antibody/antigen detection
    • Development of miniaturized multiplex assays using planar array format in microplates
    • Development of washing, blocking and sealing protocols
    • Assay optimization for highest sensitivities, specificities and reproducibility
  • Assay miniaturization and multiplexing

    • Miniaturization of existing assays
    • Multiplexing of existing assays
    • Transfer of existing assays to SCIENION platform
  • Assay imaging and data analysis

    • Application of colorimetric and fluorescent detection methods
    • Raw data analysis including calculation of spot intensities and S/N ratios
    • Application of normalization routines
    • Quantitative analysis of arrays based on calibration methods, calculation of titration curves and assay parameters as LOD values
    • Customization of data analysis and reporting formats


We estimate the following timelines for each step


After the completion of the development phase, we recommend our Contract Manufacturing Services for the high-throughput production of your diagnostic or other bioanalytical tests. Benefit from both: the scalability of our technologies and our ISO-certified manufacturing capabilities.