SCIENION opens French subsidiary Cellenion with focus on controlled cell dispensing technologies

SCIENION AG, a leading solution provider for ultra-low volume liquid handling applications, today announced that its new subsidiary Cellenion SASU started operations in Lyon, France back in May 2016 and has just launched its new website. Cellenion focuses on controlled cell dispensing technologies in the fields of bioprinting and single-cell dispensing. The young company was already awarded with the prestigious BIOVISION Catalyzer Project award in April 2016.

Berlin, Germany, and Lyon, France, October 12th, 2016: R&D-focused Cellenion will specialize on two main topics of investigation, bioprinting and single-cell dispensing.
While accurate single-cell dispensing offers new opportunities for single-cell analytics and the development of novel cell lines, bioprinting allows for generating spatially controlled cell patterns using 3D printing technologies. This is a hot topic in various applications, for example to develop better screening assays for the pharmaceutical industry. Cell-based 3D models of human origin will provide a better representation of real tissues and overcome limitations of conventional monolayer assays, which are known to lack the functionalities of real tissues. Cellenion is also engaged in developing reproducible skin models. Validated skin models already replace animal testing and are of utmost interest to the cosmetic industry. Cellenion aims towards miniaturization and automation in order to produce reproducible models of different complexities. Recently, Cellenion became a member of the Lyon-based European Centre of Dermocosmetology ( to promote interdisciplinary research projects in this field.
Future objectives include the generation of organoids up to complete organs and Cellenion is board member of CellSpace, an association dedicated to the research on tissue and organ construction by bioengineering (

“We already have a proven track record in cell dispensing applications”, says Holger Eickhoff, CEO of SCIENION AG. “With our new venture in France we are bundling forces to accelerate the development in this exiting field. With SCIENION’s outstanding dispensing technologies and expertise, Cellenion is virtually predestined to become a leading player in bioprinting and cell dispensing technologies.”

One reason for choosing the Lyon region are the excellent conditions for biotech companies in the biocluster Lyonbiopôle. Cellenion has started building a regional network with scientists, companies and associations and already has established several collaborations. Guilhem Tourniaire, Managing and Scientific Director of Cellenion, adds: “We received a lot of support by ADERLY, the Lyon Area Economic Development Agency. They have been helping us throughout our project of setting up a lab and then a company here.” ADERLY also encouraged Cellenion to participate in the BIOVISION World Life Science Forum competition. Cellenion received the BIOVISION Award in the category “Catalyzer Project” in April 2016, a great achievement for the young company (

The Cellenion spinoff was registered on 9th May 2016. Find more information about Cellenion on the newly launched website

SCIENION offers complete solutions for precise liquid dispensing applications enabling high throughput production of multiparameter assays in diagnostics, and life and material sciences. Addressing the dynamically increasing needs for miniaturization and multiplex analyses, SCIENION offers a unique technology portfolio that has been continuously expanded for over 15 years. SCIENION provides flexible solutions for research and development, wherein solutions for production purposes are customized. Systems and software are characterized by their versatility, precision and robustness. The company is a renowned specialist for ultra-low volume liquid handling, particularly for the handling of precious and sensitive compounds of biological or chemical origin. SCIENION’s dispensers allow for contact-free and precise drop spotting in the pico- to micro-liter range and are optimally suited for microarray based analytics – such as for tests with DNA, oligonucleotides, peptides, proteins, antibodies, glycans or for dispensing cells onto various substrates. The company operates from two sites in Germany, Dortmund and Berlin, and has subsidiaries in New Jersey, USA, and Lyon, France.

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