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High Quality Imaging for Fluorescent Assays with up to 3 Colors

  • Features & Benefits

    • Up to 3 fluorescent channels for all commonly used red, green, and blue fluorescent dyes (default Cy5, Cy3, and FITC)
    • Customizable filter sets for specific fluorophores
    • Bottom white lighting for bar / QR code reading
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use Software

    • Seamless integration of spotting patterns (e.g GAL files)
    • Automated spot finding with optional manual control
    • Fully integrated image acquisition, analysis and reporting
    • Modular software for various types of analysis
    • Customization of array layout, analysis and reporting
    • Export to various file formats and databases
    • Automated detection of inArrayDotCode within each well, enabling a closed tracking of results to sample
    • Handheld barcode reader
    • UV LED on demand
  • Applications

    • DNA and protein multiparameter analysis
    • Standard single parameter assays
    • Genotyping and pathogen identification
    • Clinical diagnostics (e.g. autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, cancer, immunology)
    • Food (e.g allergens) and plant analytics
    • Drug development

Technical Information

Detection High Resolution CMOS
Resolution 2.3 Mpx (1920x1200px)
Light source LEDs with specific wavelengths
Adjustable focal plane 0 - 20 mm
Max. scan speed 2 min/plate
Sample resolution 9.7 µm/pixel
Image file formats 24 bit PNG, JPEG, 24 bit TIFF colors, 8 bit/12 bit TIFF greyscale
Export file formats XLSX, DOCX, PDF, XML
Operating temperature +5 to +40°C
Dimensions 250 x 350 x 400 mm (W, H, L)
Weight 19 kg
Power requirements 230 V, 30 W
PC operating system Windows 10