sciREADER CL2 - high quality digital imaging of colorimetric assays as cost efficient alternative to fluorescent detection

Features & Benefiits

  • Detection of multiplex arrays with highest sensitivity
  • Scanning and analysis of one-well standard immunoassays
  • Top and bottom lighting for opaque and transparent plates
  • Cost and time reduction by miniaturized, multiplexed assays in array format and efficient data Analysis
  • Allows cost efficient alternative to fluorescent detection
  • Compatible with various assay staining technologies, e.g. HRP-based detection using TMB substrates

Technical Information


High Resolution CMOS


5 Mpx (2592x1944px)

Light source:

White LED

Adjustable focal plane:

0 - 20 mm

Max. scan speed:

2 min/plate

Sample resolution:

6 µm/pixel

Image file formats:

24 bit PNG, JPEG, 24 bit TIFF colors, 8 bit/12 bit TIFF greyscale

Export file formats:


Operating temperature:

+5 to +40°C


250 x 230 x 400 mm (W, H, L)


15 kg

Power requirements:

230 V, 30 W

PC operating system:

Windows 7 and higher

Software & Options

  • Seamless integration of spotting Patterns (e.g GAL files)
  • Automated spot finding with optional Manual control
  • Fully integrated image aquisition, analysis and reporting
  • Modular software for various types of analysis
  • Customization of array layout, analysis and reporting
  • Export to various file formats and databases
  • Automated detection of inArrayDotCode within each well, enabling a closed tracking of results to sample
  • Handheld barcode Reader
  • UV LED on demand

Order Information

Cat.No. R-2001


(includes All-in-One computer)

Cat.No. R-2002

Software sciREADCL2


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