- miniaturization and multiplexing for optimal productivity

Our multiplex platform represents a complete solution to create a multiplex test with your probes. You can start from scratch, or transfer existing single well or already partially multiplexed assays.
The combination of miniaturization, multiplexing, production, detection and data analysis results in high performance multiplex assays that you can rely on.

  • simultaneous detection of multiple analytes in a single sample
  • reduced consumption of patient samples, probes and reagents results in lower costs per data point, and better study feasibility
  • quantification over a broad dynamic range
  • higher throughput than traditional single-well assays
  • improved assays performance in microplates and lateral flow formats

The sciMULTIPLEX PLATFORM combines high quality consumables, protocols, hardware, scientific knowledge, and experience from SCIENION, addressing the needs of our customers to produce robust high quality multiplex tests for diagnostics and life science resarch.