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sciFLEXARRAYER SX is a unique automated liquid dispensing solution for high throughput production of multiplex tests for diagnostics and life science.

Thanks to its precise axis system and increased dispensed area, the SX delivers outstanding reproducibility between batches, enabling a printing capacity of 140 slides or 27 MTPs per batch.

sciFLEXARRAYER SX system comes with sciDROP PICO dispensing technology and is built to high-quality standards: heavy-duty design and low maintenance components as the rest of SCIENION´s portfolio.

Already being used by many diagnostic companies around the world including the below.








Technical specifications

Dispense Volume 30 - 800 pL/drop
No. of Dispense Capillaries From 1 to 8 PDC channels
Distance Dispense Capillaries 4.5 or 9 mm increments
Target Holder 800 x 375 mm
Capacity Up to 27 MTPs or 140 standard glass slides
Axis system X-Y linear magnetic & Z spindle drives
Resolution (step size) 1 µm
Precision < 3 µm
Accuracy < 5 µm
Options Spot-on-the-fly, live stream and 3D drop camera, vacuum target holder, online target alignment, online array QC software
Dimensions (L,W,H) with enclosure 1550 x 850 x 1750 mm
Weight 410 kg

Printing on Biosensors



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