The sciFLEXARRAYER S3 is an automated piezo driven, non-contact dispensing system of ultra-low volumes specifically designed as an economical entry unit for academia and R&D labs.

The S3 is suitable for the production of DNA, protein and glycan arrays, cell transfection arrays, and for loading MALDI-MS targets or biosensor surfaces.

While designed for academic budgets, the sciFLEXARRAYER S3 system comes with the same proprietary sciDROP PICO dispensing technology and is built to the very same high-quality standards as the larger production units: heavy-duty design and low maintenance components.

Already being used in many laboratories and research centers around the world including the below.



Space-saving Design and Economic Unit for Academic and Research Labs

Dispense Volume 50 - 800 pL/drop
No. of Dispense Capillaries From 1 to 8 PDC channels
Distance Dispense Capillaries 4.5 or 9 mm increments
Spottable Area 246 x 300 mm
Capacity Up to 4 MTPs or 24 standard glass slides
Axis system X-Y-Z spindle drives
Resolution (step size) 5 µm
Precision < 5 µm
Accuracy < 15 µm
Options Live stream camera, vaccum target holder, online target alignment, online array QC software
Dimensions (L,W,H) with enclosure 700 x 760 x 550 mm
Weight 130 kg

  • Hardware & Software Options Available

    • Humidity and dew point control
    • Cooling unit for both source plate and targets
    • De-ionizer
    • HEPA filtered hood
    • Heavy-duty platform
    • Software supported fiducial recognition and alignment
    • Programmed spotting routines by user

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