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Compact all-in-one design and sliding door to reduce particle contamination and turbulences are the main advantages of the sciFLEXARRAYER S12, a fully automated non-contact dispensing system for ultra-low volumes.

The sciFLEXARRAYER S12 has been designed and optimized for medium scale batch production, especially for precise 12" wafer loading.

With optimal dispensing area for medium batch production, the sciFLEXARRAYER S12 system comes with the same proprietary sciDROP PICO dispensing technology and is built to the very same hig- quality standards as the larger production units: heavy-duty design and low maintenance components.

Already being used by many companies and research institutes around the world including the below.





Compact All-in-One Design for Medium Batch Production

Dispense Volume 30 - 800 pL/drop
No. of Dispense Capillaries From 1 to 8 PDC channels
Distance Dispense Capillaries 4.5 or 9 mm increments
Target Holder 380 x 380 mm
Capacity Up to 12 MTPs or 70 standard glass slides
Axis system X-Y linear magnetic & Z spindle drives
Resolution (step size) 1 µm
Precision < 3 µm
Accuracy < 5 µm
Options Spot-on-the-fly, Live stream and 3D drop camera, vacuum target holder, online target alignment, online array QC software
Dimensions (L,W,H) with enclosure 1300 x 850 x 1200 mm
Weight 420 kg

Versatile Printing Options

  • Hardware & Software Options Available

    • Humidity and dew point control
    • Cooling unit for both source plate and targets
    • Spot-on-the-Fly including line spotting
    • De-ionizer
    • Integration of third-party components
    • Clean room compatible
    • Software supported fiducial recognition and target alignment
    • Online array quality control


Sliding door helping to minimize environmental changes inside of the enclosure

Opening Door


To allow even more flexibility the sciFLEXARRAYER S12 comes with two door options

Check them out and decide what's best for you.


Swing doors for all laboratories with limited spaces for easy access to the printing space

Check out the scientific publications

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