sciFLEXARRAYER SX – a compact system: all components are surrounded by one enclosure

Product Description

The sciFLEXARRAYER SX with its maintenance-free linear stage is the ultimate contactless spotter optimized for high scale batch production. It can be equipped with up to eight channels of either a sciDROP PICO or sciDROP NANO dispensing unit for liquid handling of picoliter to microliter volumes. Thus, allowing the flexibility to produce ultralow volume targets like biosensors as well as lateral flow and microfluidic targets. The SX has a self-contained, stand-alone setup that can be rolled into any kind of laboratory or production facility. In addition, it is fully compatible with clean-room setups and can be operated in a walkaway mode 24/7.


  • Optimal batch size to performance ratio results in maximum flexibility for targets e.g. wafers
  • Non-contact technology allows dispensing of droplets into small cavities
  • Most accurate positioning of dispensed lines and drops on the target
  • Consistent and highly reproducible results by the use of programmed parameters and re-spotting capability
  • Compact all-in-one design for manufacturing needs
  • User friendly through auto-drop function and walk-away system

Technical Information

Dispensing technology:

Non-contact, drop-on-demand

No. of dispense capillaries:

1-8 (in any combination)

Distance of dispense capillaries:

4.5 or 9 mm increments

Precision (mechnical):

<3 µm

Spot positioning (standard):

<6 µm (30µm)

Typical pitch (spacing):

300 µm (freely scaleable)

Dispense control:

Integrated horizontal CCD camera


27 microtiter plates
140 standard glass slides

Spottable area:

825 x 360 mm


On-board (Windows based)

Dimensions: with enclosure (L×W×H):

1674 × 1712 × 851 mm


450 kg


115/230 Vac, 60/50 Hz



Dispense volume:

50 - 800 pl per drop

30 - 200 nl per drop

Capillary orifice:

50 - 100 µm

150 / 300 µm 

Capillary material:

borosilicate glass

stainless steel, corundum

Typical spot size:

80 - 250 µm

250 - 2000 µm


  • Production of large single batch size of DNA, protein, glycan or cell transfection arrays for commercial purposes or research
  • High throughput biosensor loading
  • MALDI-MS sample preparation and target loading
  • Printing chemical libraries
  • Spotting onto disc format (round targets) and customized targets e.g. wafers
  • Microarray-based analysis

Options & Software

  • Humidity and dew point control
  • Cooling unit for source plate and targets
  • Integration of third party components
  • Clean room compatible unit
  • Variety of target holders available (incl. vacuum target holder) for slides, wafers, biosensors, etc.
  • Deionizer
  • Software supported fiducial target recognition and
  • alignment
  • Software options for full online QC
  • Easy setup of user defined spotting routines
  • Password protected access Level
  • Line spotting with Spot-on-the-fly tool to speed up production

Services & Support

  • Training of operation and maintenance
  • Service contracts (on-site support within 48 hours)
  • FDA Part 11 implementation
  • Hotline and online support

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