sciFLEXARRAYER S12 – the best choice for precise 12 inch wafer loading

Product Description

Modern design with clear forms and a new, particle minimizing, opening door are characteristics for the sciFLEXARRAYER S12, a fully automated non-contact dispensing system for ultra-low volumes. The sciFLEXARRAYER S12 has been designed and optimized for medium scale batch production, especially for precise loading of 12 inch wafers. 


  • Optimal dispensing area for medium batch production
  • Non-contact technology allows dispensing of pL to µL
    droplets into small cavities and on 3D structures
  • Most accurate positioning of dispensed drops and lines 
    on the target
  • Consistent and highly reproducible results by the use of
    programmed parameters and re-spotting capability
  • Compact all-in-one design for manufacturing needs
  • Auto-drop and full QC function

Technical Information


No. of dispense capillaries:

1-8 (in any combination)

Distance of dispense capillaries:

4.5 or 9 mm increments


<3 µm

Typical pitch (spacing):

250 µm (freely scaleable)

Dispense control:

Integrated horizontal CCD camera


12 microtiter plates
70 standard glass slides

Spottable area:

380 x 370 mm

Dimensions: with enclosure (L×W×H):

1250 × 830 × 1820 mm


400 kg



Dispense volume:

50 - 800 pl per drop

30 - 200 nl per drop

Capillary orifice:

50 - 100 µm

150 / 300 µm 

Capillary material:

borosilicate glass

stainless steel, corundum

Typical spot size:

80 - 250 µm

250 - 2000 µm


  • Production of DNA, protein, glycan or cell transfection arrays
    for IVD or research use only purposes
  • High throughput biosensor loading 
  • Multiplexed lateral flow tests
  • Spotting onto round targets (e.g disc format, wafers) and
    customized targets
  • Microfluidics, lab-on-a chip technology

Options & Software

  • Humidity and dew point control
  • Cooling unit for source plate and targets
  • Integration of third party components
  • Clean room compatible unit
  • Variety of target holders available (incl. vacuum target holder) for slides, wafers, biosensors, etc.
  • Deionizer
  • Software options for full online QC
  • Software supported fiducial target recognition and alignment
  • Spot-on-the-Fly including line spotting
  • External triggering
  • Easy setup of user defined spotting routines
  • Password protected access level

Services & Support

  • Training of operation and maintenance
  • Service contracts (on-site support within 48 hours)
  • Application development
  • Hotline and online support

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