sciPOLY3D - our solution for printing on unmodified polymers

Product Description

One major task for the design of microarray based tests is the decision for a platform and substrate material, e.g. polymer microfluidic cartridges, microwell plates, slides or membranes. This choice usually is constrained by the immobilization chemistry.
With the sciPOLY3D product line all polymers can be furnished with biomolecule microarrays without pre-treatment thereof. The whole process of microarray production is reduced to printing and an additional few minutes for irradiation, which can easily be integrated in a high throughput production line.


- Water-soluble and is simply added to the printing media
- No need for functional groups at the biomolecule
- Surface substrates do not need pretreatment
- Use of non-fouling surfaces
- Eliminates all wet chemistry steps in the process
- Facilitates especially the biofunctionalization of structured substrates, e.g. microfluidic chips
- Enables covalent immobilizationon protein-repellent surfaces to make blocking obsolete


- Standard size (75.5 x 25.0 x 1.0 mm)
- Excellent slide homogeneity and superior slide-to-slide reproducibility
- Low backround fluorescence
- Compatible with commonly used hybridization chambers*
- Barcode label and identification number optional

sciPOLY3D buffers
- Ultra pure reagents used for buffer formulation
- Provides uniform and highly regular spots
- Optimized for DNA and protein applications

Features & Benefits

  • No expensive and time-consuming surface functionalization necessary
  • Applicable on all kinds of unmodified polymer substrates (COP, PMMA, COC,PP, PS, etc.)
  • Suitable for non-fouling surfaces, multiplex tests on microfluidic devices, slides, MTPs
  • High immobilization efficiencies of biomolecules (DNA, proteins, glycans) without functional group
  • Only process step besides printing: short (~2 min) UV irradiation
  • Stable due to covalent network attachment
  • Robust hydrogel matrix enables PCR and melting curve applications
  • Compatible with commonly used fluorescence and colorimetric scanners
  • Optimized for non-contact arraying using sciFLEXARRAYER technology
  • Convenient and easy to use


  • Microfluidics
  • PCR applications
  • Isothermal amplifications
  • Immunoassays

Order Information sciPOLY3D

Cat.No. CP-5807

Starter Kit sciPOLY3D – PROTEIN*

Cat.No. CP-5808

Starter Kit sciPOLY3D – DNA**

Cat.No. CP-5802-10

sciPOLY3D SOLID (10 mg)

Cat.No. CP-5802-100

sciPOLY3D SOLID (100 mg)

Cat.No. CP-5803-0.5

sciPOLY3D LIQUID (0.5 ml, 5x)

Cat.No. CP-5804-5

sciPOLY3D SOL1 (5 ml)

Cat.No. CP-5804-50

sciPOLY3D SOL1 (50 ml)

Cat.No. CP-5805-1

sciPOLY3D SOL2D1 (1 ml, 2x)

Cat.No. CP-5805-100

sciPOLY3D SOL2D1 (100 ml, 2x)

Cat.No. CP-5806-1

sciPOLY3D SOL2P1 (1 ml, 2x)

Cat.No. CP-5806-100

sciPOLY3D SOL2P1 (100 ml, 2x)

Cat.No. CSP-5312-5

sciCHIP COP (5 slides)

Cat.No. CSP-5312-25

sciCHIP COP (25 slides)

* sciPOLY3D PROTEIN Starter Kit includes: sciPOLY3D LIQUID (0.2 mL), sciPOLY3D SOL2P1 (1 mL), sciCHIP COP (5 pieces)

**sciPOLY3D DNA Starter Kit includes: sciPOLY3D LIQUID (0.2 mL), sciPOLY3D SOL2D1 (1 mL), sciCHIP COP (5 pieces)