sciBUFFER - the most favorable environment for microarray production

Product Description

SCIENION buffer systems can be utilized through the whole process: from protein and DNA microarray printing, to processing, and final staining.     
We offer a series of special buffers for microarray and assay processing, optimized for every single step including blocking, washing and sample incubation.
For all sciBUFFER products we only use ultra-pure reagents and perform a final sterile filtration step. Every batch includes a strict quality control and an according certificate of analysis.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra pure reagents used for buffer formulation
  • Comes pre-mixed and sterile, no preparation required
  • Improves printing consistency surface
  • Provides uniform and highly regular spots
  • Enables uniform sample drying
  • Promotes highly efficients coupling of biomolecules
  • Increases the signal/noise ratio by minimizing unspecific coupling
  • Reduces surface tension providing a uniform hybridization layer
  • Works with contact and non-contact robots

sciBUFFER for Nucleic Acids

sciSPOT cDNA is a printing buffer based on SSC (pH 7) with a detergent, to enable optimal microarray printing of cDNA samples.

sciSPOT Oligo B1 is based on SSC (pH 7) and is optimized for use with oligonucleotides on functionalized glass slides (e.g. sciCHIP).

sciSPOT Oligo B2 is based on a phosphate buffer (pH 9) and is our recommendation for producing microarrays on polymer surfaces (e.g. sciPLEXPLATEs).

sciPROCESS cDNA and sciPROCESS Oligo are blocking buffers for post-printing treatment of the microarrays. They are used to deactivate the residual functional groups on the surface and minimize unspecific binding of the target DNA or RNA.

sciHYB is a hybridization buffer that creates the most favorable environment for hybridization between labeled cDNA or PCR products and immobilized capture probes, while minimizing cross-hybridization. Hybridization is accelerated and more efficient due to minimized secondary structures in probes and target sequences even at lower temperatures (42 °C).

sciHYB M1 is a hybridization buffer, that, in contrast to standard sciHYB, consists of a non-toxic formulation and is used at more elevated temperatures (55-65 °C).

sciWASH I DNA, sciWASH II DNA and sciWASH III DNA are wash buffers which are formulated to reduce background signal after the hybridization step. They partly contain a detergent and have various ionic strengths for different levels of stringency.

These buffers are available individually or as a set to cover the whole workflow.

sciBUFFER for Proteins

sciSPOT Protein D1 is a printing buffer based on PBS at pH 7.2. PBS is a nontoxic buffer that mimics the osmolarity and ion concentrations of the human body.

sciSPOT Protein D11 is based on sciSPOT Protein D1, but contains an additive to slow down evaporation, which improves spot homogeneity.

sciSPOT Protein D12 is based on sciSPOT Protein D1, but includes an additive to stabilize proteins, which helps maintaining nativity of the proteins and promotes shelf life of the microarrays.

sciSPOT Protein D2 is a sodium phosphate based buffer at pH 7.5.

sciSPOT Protein D3 is based on TBS, pH 8.0.

sciSPOT Protein D4 is a carbonate based printing buffer, pH 9.6.

sciSTAB S3 is a protein stabilizer that can be added to any of our sciSPOT buffers. This will enhance shelf life and functionality of your protein microarrays by stabilizing the native structure of the arrayed proteins.

sciBLOCK Protein D1 is designed for post-print processing of the protein microarrays and will passivate the surface. This PBS based buffer efficiently blocks unspecific binding, resulting in low background.

sciBIND Protein D1 is a PBS based reagent diluent, which is ideally suited for dilution of your samples and secondary antibodies. This buffer is formulated to enhance your signals while reducing cross-reactivity.

sciWASH Protein D1 is a PBS based washing buffer, suitable for all stages during multiplex ELISA.

Order Information sciBUFFER DNA

Cat.No. CBD-5410


Cat.No. CBD-5420

sciBUFFERSET – Oligo B1*

Cat.No. CBD-5450

sciBUFFERSET – Oligo M1**

Cat.No. CBD-5411-50


50 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBD-5421-50

sciSPOT Oligo B1

50 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBD-5418-50

sciSPOT Oligo B2

50 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBD-5413-500


500 mL 5x conc.

Cat.No. CBD-5414-500


500 mL 5x conc.

Cat.No. CBD-5415-500


500 mL 5x conc.

Cat.No. CBD-5416-500


500 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBD-5426-500

sciPROCESS Oligo

500 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBD-5426-300

sciPROCESS Oligo

300 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBD-5417-1.5


1.5 mL 1x conc.

Cat.No. CBD-5419-50

sciHYB M1

50 mL 1x conc.

* sciBUFFERSET Oligo B1 and cDNA consist of: sciSPOT (50 mL), sciWASH I-III (each 500 mL), sciPROCESS (500 mL), sciHYB (1.5 mL)

** sciBUFFERSET Oligo M1 consist of: sciSPOT Oligo B2 (50 mL), sciPROCESS Oligo (300 mL), sciHYB  M1 (50 mL)

Order Information sciBUFFER PROTEIN

Cat.No. CBP-5430

sciBUFFERSET – Protein D1*

Cat.No. CBP-5440

sciBUFFERSET – Protein D1M**

Cat.No. CBP-5431-25

sciSPOT Protein D1

25 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5435-25

sciSPOT Protein D11

25 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5436-25

sciSPOT Protein D12

25 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5439-25

sciSPOT Protein D2

25 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5441-25

sciSPOT Protein D3

25 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5442-25

sciSPOT Protein D4

25 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5432-500

sciWASH Protein D1

500 mL 8x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5437-250

sciWASH Protein D1M

250 mL 5x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5433-500

sciBLOCK Protein D1

500 mL 5x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5438-100

sciBLOCK Protein D1M

100 mL 1x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5434-1.6

sciBIND Protein D1

1.6 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5434-50

sciBIND Protein D1

50 mL 2x conc.

* sciBUFFERSET Protein D1 consists of sciSPOT Protein D1 (25 mL), sciWASH Protein D1 (500 mL), sciBLOCK Protein D1 (500 mL), sciBIND Protein D1 1.6 mL)

** sciBUFFERSET Protein D1M consists of sciSPOT Protein D1 (25 mL),sciWASH Protein D1M (250 mL), sciBLOCK Protein D1M (100 mL), sciBIND Protein D1 (50 mL)

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