SCIENION is a total solution provider for diagnostic test development and manufacturing for any application in human & veterinary, environmental as well as food and feed diagnostics and Life Sciences. Most applications in diagnostics and bioanalysis can benefit  from using SCIENION’s sophisticated sciFLEXARRAYERs, sciREADERs and cellenONE technologies. All stand for achieving superior results in most multiplex assay or biosensor applications. From R&D to manufacturing. From products to services.

Diagnose Infectious Diseases

QuantuMDx POC device

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Multiplexed Lateral Flow

Membrane multianalyte detection

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Cell line development

Cellenion and Miltenyi Biotech collaboration

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Antibiotic Detection in Milk

Discover the Extenso platform

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Microneedle Arrays

Tyndall’s microneedles

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SCIENION is a global market leader in precision dispensing. Typical application for handling pico and nanoliter volumes include microarray as well as biosensor technologies.


Our customers in the life science and diagnostic industries benefit from a unique product portfolio advancing and facilitating rapid tests, multiplex analysis, miniaturization and automation.


Product Portfolio

SCIENION’s integrated product portfolio is dedicated to enable next generation diagnostic technologies.



R&D Entry Level

Medium Scale Batch Production

High Scale Batch Production

In-Line High Throughput Production



Single cell dispenser

Colorimetric Microarray Scanner

Fluorescence Microarray Scanner

We have continuously expanded our product portfolio which today includes our sciFLEXARRAYER product line, the cellenONE system, the sciREADER product family for colorimetric and fluorescent detection devices and our sciCONSUMABLES – including sciPLEXPLATEs, sciBUFFERs and sciPOLY 3D improving  assay performance and  enabling high yield manufacturing of diagnostic products.


Looking to manufacture diagnostic tests?

SCIENION is a full solution provider for diagnostic test development and manufacturing. SCIENION is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.


Want to partner with SCIENION for R&D?

SCIENION undertakes significant R&D to shape and accelerate cost-efficient next generation diagnostic platforms.


Global Services & Support

Our customers appreciate our multiple years of expertise, in customized solutions combined with a certified and excellent worldwide customer support. SCIENION is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.




Latest News

Revolutionizing the production of novel diagnostics with cost-effective Roll-to-Roll imprinting
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Cellenion and Miltenyi Biotec Sign Co-Marketing Agreement to Provide a Time and Cost-Efficient Solution for the Development of Monoclonal Cell Lines
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Revolutionary milk analysis platform allows for multiplex analysis of 100 antibiotic residues and toxins in a single test
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Workshops & Trainings

sciTRAINING - Tempe, USA
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Multiplex Rapid Assays Workshop - Tempe, AZ
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Single Cell Analysis - London, UK
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MEDICA - Düsseldorf, Germany
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MicroNanoConference 2019 - Utrecht, The Netherlands
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