sciDROP NANO - high precision dispensing of nano- to microliters

Technology Description & Benefits

The heart of the new sciDROP NANO technology is an electromagnetic micro valve with an extremely fast response time. Moreover, since the current is kept low, samples are kept at a safe temperature.  An optional internal wire mesh filter (17 µm) prevents the valve from clogging.  A unique feature allows for both bulk dispensing from 1, 5, 10 and 50 ml vials, as well as an aspirate/dispense mode. The proprietary software, sciDROPVOL, precisely measures the dispensed volume and allows the user to control every dispensing operation.

sciDROP NANO is geared towards applications where lines have to be precisely deposited onto nitrocellulose sheets, lateral flow membranes, dipsticks or other materials.


Benefits of sciDROP NANO:

  • Accurate dispensing of nano- to microliter volumes for producing arrays and lines
  • Enables the dispensing of high-viscosity samples (up to 200mPa/s)
  • Precise drop volume control with unique visual detection

Technical Information

Drop volume:

8-200 nl

Repetition rate:

1-2000 Hz

Viscosity rate:

1-200 mPa.s

Dispense precision:

<5% CV

Maximal flow (at 1 bar):

8 ml/min

Durable materials:
(inside valve)



500 Mio. cycles

Nano dispenser orifice:

150 µm

Typical pitch (spacing):

300 µm (scaleable)

(contacting medium)

PEEK, stainless steel, aluminiumoxide


9 mm and custom formats

Options & Software

  • Adapters to enable aspiration from different vials or plates
  • Aspirate/Dispense mode
  • Bulk dispense mode
  • Heated head to dispense viscosities of up to 1000 mPa.s
  • DropVolume software enables precise volume detection

sciDROP NANO in action