Technology - drop-on-demand

SCIENION’s non-contact dispensing technology takes microarray spotting to the next level. The technology, as implemented by SCIENION, is called sciDROP-ON-DEMAND. It was introduced by SCIENION nearly 10 years ago and has been continually perfected since. This non-contact technology offers a number of benefits over contact spotting.

  • Homogenous spots morphology: No more donuts and comets
  • No damage to sensitive surfaces, as can result from contacting metal pins
  • Dispensing into very small cavities is enabled
  • Drop volume is fully controlled by implementing a proprietary vision-based algorithm

All SCIENION devices are equipped with chemically inert PEEK tubing. In addition, valves used in the syringe pumps are made of high-grade ceramics, making the full liquid path compatible with organic solvents.

Our sciDROP-ON-DEMAND technology is implemented as either sciDROP PICO for an ultra-low volume range (pico- to nanoliters), or sciDROP NANO (nano- to milliliters).

All sciFLEXARRAYER systems can be equipped with our picoliter and/or nanoliter dispensing technologies.