cryoPOC: Kapillar-basierte Plattform für die Point-of-Care Bioanalytik

BMBF KMU-innovativ Biotechnologie – Biochance


Point-of-Care (PoC) systems enable fast, easy to use and cost-efficient diagnostics on-site. These systems should be compact and preferably independent of peripheral instruments. Prominent examples include paper-based lateral flow devices (LFD), like the well-established pregnancy test. The paper is used to drive the liquid flow without pumps via capillary action. However, the transfer of other immunodiagnostic assays to LFD is still lagging behind. One major issue is the comparably high limit of detection, as compared to standard methods (like ELISA) performed in central laboratories. Main reasons for this are (among others) unspecific adsorption of analyte to the paper fibers and light scattering due to the paper’s optical properties. The cryoPOC consortium is therefore aiming at a capillary driven platform for multiplex protein analytics, where the paper is replaced by an innovative concept including a capillary and porous polymer materials. The capillary will include a series of separate segments with different capture molecules and controls; together with a handheld device for fluorescence detection this platform will enable two-color detection and analysis of multiplex immunoassays directly at the point of need.

Duration: 07/2016 – 06/2019

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