New Technology to Dispense Single Cells

We have developed a very simple process.  Using our glass capillary based PDC technology, aspirate a volume of cell suspension as low as a few micrometers, with practically no dead volume.  And then, using a patented dispensing/imaging technology, monitor each drop being dispensed.  Our PDC dispensing technology typically dispenses droplet volumes of 100-300 picoliter.  As each drop is about to be ejected, we monitor it for the presence of a single cell.  If one cell is present, we deposit it into your choice of target vessel.  It could be a microcell, a well of a micrometer plate, a slide, or anything else you fancy. If there are no cells in the droplet, or more than one cell, we recycle the droplet to guarantee no loos of your precious rare cells.  For more information, please visit