Glycan Arrays

Hecht, Seeberger et al., 2009, Journal of Proteome Research, 8: 712-720

Microarrays of defined glycans represent a high throughput approach to determining the specificity of lectins, or more generally glycan-binding proteins (GBPs).

Functional studies of carbohydrates become important tools in biological research and medical applications. With a multiplex glycan microarray several carbohydrate specific antibodies could be detected. This concept of analysing will generate results within minutes and save money.

Shotgun Glycomics

The technique combines a microarray-type technology and fluorescent dyes to investigate glycans. It involves releasing the sugars to get free glycans, placing fluorescent tags on them, separating them, and placing them in spots (50 ┬ÁM in diameter) on glass slides.

Potential application include diagnostic screenings, determining fly strains, and autoimmune disease therapies. Read More

SCIENION technology enables this promising technique.