Single Cell Isolation

Cellenion has developed CellenONE, a unique single-cell isolation and dispensing technology. It allows high throughput automated dispensing of individual cells from cell suspensions onto a substrate of your choice.
Accuracy: You’re not tied up to Poisson distribution anymore !
Versatility: Unlike other platforms, the technology can be tuned for a wide range of different cells suspended at different concentrations.
Recovery: This techniques involves small dead volumes and high recovery rate, hence it is ideally suited to dispense rare or precious cells!
Viability: No toxicity on dispensed cells, allowing further downstream work to be undertaken (e.g. cloning step in mAb development)
Open-platform: Dispense into/onto any types of wells or consumables (PCR plate, SBS microplates, microwells).

Bioprinting & BioINK Development

Bioprinting is the process of generating spatially-controlled cell patterns using 3D printing technologies, where cell function and viability are preserved within the printed construct. Cellenion inkjet-based bioprinting technologies allow:
Precision: micrometer positioning and down to single-cell resolution
Viability: unlike other technologies no cellular toxicity is observed
Versatile: generate cell-loaded drops from 50pL up to 200nL

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