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Rapid and multi-analyte diagnostic microarrays

SCIENION technology can be used to produce user-friendly, multi-analyte diagnostic applications. Different platforms are being developed e.g. Microarray-ELISAs, Slide-based Protein Microarray Assays and Lateral flow (Microarray) Immunoassays.

In addition to proteins and other compounds the platforms are suited to detect specific DNA/RNA amplicons.



Wageningen University & Research group BioSensing & Diagnostics (BSD) develops various rapid and simple (immuno)assay formats, such as one-step lateral flow assays and microarrays.

In these assays proprietary nanoparticles are being used as colored labels to generate the test signals.

The diagnostic methods can be used to detect all kinds of components such as proteins (biomarkers, food allergens), microorganisms, specific RNA/DNA sequences, toxins, contaminants (antibiotics/pesticides), toxic plasticizers and other quality-determining components.




Watch our technology printing into Sartorius membranes



Multiplexing of Lateral Flow Assays

Lateral flow assays (LFAs) are designed as a reliable, fast, easy to handle and low-cost diagnostic platform for direct onsite testing (point-of-care, POC).

Based on traditional production technology, conventional LFAs rely on lines (control and test lines) arranged perpendicular to the flow direction. Since this design has a limitation in multiplex degree and the possibility of depletion and inadvertent interferences of assay components in multiparametric tests, there is a need for advanced array-based lateral flow assay layouts.

We offer miniaturization and multiplexing of classic lateral flow tests to multianalyte detection!