Blood Genotyping

High-throughput solution for Blood Group Genotyping.


Increasing transfusion safety has been a great challenge in the past decades among transfusion centers around the world. If serology is now well managed, recent researches have made clear that extended blood group genotyping is now the next step toward the improvement of donor / patient compatibility as well as the reduction of alloimmunization

Together with the French National Blood Service (EFS), AXO Science has developed HIFI Blood 96TM, a high-throughput, fast, reliable and cost-efficient blood genotyping solution. HIFI Blood 96TM a high-throughput and multiplexed assay based on a DNA chip and dedicated to the genetic characterization of selected extended blood groups. It answers blood qualification and transfusion centers needs by offering a robust, fully robotized and integrated solution.

HIFI Blood 96 process flow

For the fabrication of the chip, AXO Science prepares and dispenses the oligonucleotides specific for the targeted alleles with sciFLEXARRAYER technology into 96 well plates.

These capture molecules are spotted as 350-pL drops in each well bottom, in a 7 × 7 matrix format, with a spot-to-spot distance of 300 μm.