sciHYBCHAMBER – for improved hybridization results

Product Description

sciHYBCHAMBER is convenient to use, features a patented sealing technology and provides special inlets for easy slide removal and a stable slide position. Requires only 10-30 µl hybridisation mix per array.

Features & Applications

  • Simultaneous incubation of two microarrays 'Sandwich Hybridization'
  • Compatible with a variety of labeling protocols
  • No gradient formation for either hybridzation reaction
  • To be used for a wide range of reaction temperatures (0-80°C)
  • Contains inlets in chamber for easy slide removal
  • Made of high quality and chemical resistant material ensuring long life
  • Transparent lid offers visual control of set-up
  • Easy to seal and unseal; repeats >100

Technical Information

  • Dimensions: Chamber (D, W): 57 x 108 mm
  • Capacity: 1 or 2 standard glass slides (25 x 75 mm)

Product Review

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