sciBUFFER - the most favorable environment for microarray production

Product Features

  • Ultra pure reagents used for buffer formulation
  • Comes pre-mixed and sterile, no preparation required
  • Improves printing consistency surface
  • Provides uniform and highly regular spots
  • Enables uniform sample drying
  • Promotes highly efficients coupling of biomolecules
  • Increases the signal/noise ratio by minimizing unspecific coupling
  • Reduces surface tension providing a uniform hybridization layer
  • Works with contact and non-contact robots

Order Information sciBUFFER DNA

Cat.No. CBD-5410


Cat.No. CBD-5420

sciBUFFERSET – Oligo B1*

Cat.No. CBD-5450

sciBUFFERSET – Oligo M1**

Cat.No. CBD-5411-50


50 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBD-5421-50

sciSPOT Oligo B1

50 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBD-5418-50

sciSPOT Oligo B2

50 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBD-5413-500


500 mL 5x conc.

Cat.No. CBD-5414-500


500 mL 5x conc.

Cat.No. CBD-5415-500


500 mL 5x conc.

Cat.No. CBD-5416-500


500 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBD-5426-500

sciPROCESS Oligo

500 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBD-5426-300

sciPROCESS Oligo

300 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBD-5417-1.5


1.5 mL 1x conc.

Cat.No. CBD-5419-50

sciHYB M1

50 mL 1x conc.

* sciBUFFERSET Oligo B1 and cDNA consist of: sciSPOT (50 mL), sciWASH I-III (each 500 mL), sciPROCESS (500 mL), sciHYB (1.5 mL)

** sciBUFFERSET Oligo M1 consist of: sciSPOT Oligo B2 (50 mL), sciPROCESS Oligo (300 mL), sciHYB  M1 (50 mL)

Order Information sciBUFFER PROTEIN

Cat.No. CBP-5430

sciBUFFERSET – Protein D1*

Cat.No. CBP-5440

sciBUFFERSET – Protein D1M**

Cat.No. CBP-5431-25

sciSPOT Protein D1

25 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5435-25

sciSPOT Protein D11

25 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5436-25

sciSPOT Protein D12

25 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5439-25

sciSPOT Protein D2

25 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5441-25

sciSPOT Protein D3

25 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5442-25

sciSPOT Protein D4

25 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5432-500

sciWASH Protein D1

500 mL 8x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5437-250

sciWASH Protein D1M

250 mL 5x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5433-500

sciBLOCK Protein D1

500 mL 5x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5438-100

sciBLOCK Protein D1M

100 mL 1x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5434-1.6

sciBIND Protein D1

1.6 mL 2x conc.

Cat.No. CBP-5434-50

sciBIND Protein D1

50 mL 2x conc.

* sciBUFFERSET Protein D1 consists of sciSPOT Protein D1 (25 mL), sciWASH Protein D1 (500 mL), sciBLOCK Protein D1 (500 mL), sciBIND Protein D1 1.6 mL)

** sciBUFFERSET Protein D1M consists of sciSPOT Protein D1 (25 mL),sciWASH Protein D1M (250 mL), sciBLOCK Protein D1M (100 mL), sciBIND Protein D1 (50 mL)

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